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[ video installation / exhibition ] “Metawindow” wip

I have been exploring how human dances and defines dance through dialogues with an AI artist yuma kishi since last year.

Our new work will be shown at Tokyo Arts and Space this winter as part of an exhibition “Odd Apples”.

少し先ですが、2021年12月からTokyo Arts and Spaceにて展示があります。

AIを扱う現代美術家yuma kishiとの共作を中心に、新作映像インスタレーションなどを発表する予定です。

TOKAS (Tokyo Arts and Space)


“Metawindow” work in progress

Concept : Saori Hala

Collaborator : yuma kishi

Music:Tetsu Umehara

Photo archive:Yulia Skogoreva

Video archive:Hiroki Kawai, Masaharu Suzuki, Shunsuke Watanabe

Organized by Dance Base Yokohama, Saori Hala

Subsidized by Arts Commission Yokohama


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