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no room 

2019 / Former Noguchi Room (Tokyo, Japan)


"no room" is a site-specific performance created for the original Noguchi Room at Keio University, which was built in 1951 as a collaboration between architect Yoshiro Taniguchi and sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Once described as an architectural and sculptural “symphony of structural form,” following its completion this space has been subjected to relocation, renovation, and a host 
of other management issues at odds with its creators’ intentions—a floating edifice developing its own history and finally arriving at its present form. It is not 
only the architectural conditions that have changed: Taniguchi and Noguchi designed this room in hopes of creating a space for all kinds of people to mingle. 
It is now, on the contrary, kept locked up for conservation purposes. To Hala, this seemed a violation of the identities of the artwork and its creators. Through 
this performance piece, she attempted to visualize the friction and contradictions that emerge from the individual’s interactions with society. At first glance, one 
might assume that the myriad of rules and regulations governing this space, a protected cultural property, would hamper a performance’s staging; no room, however, was entirely composed of the physical actions and situations that arise from restriction.  



Concept: Saori Hala, BLESS
Situation Design:Saori Hala, BLESS, Manami KAKUDO
Situation Handler:Saori Hala, Kaho KOGURE, Kazuya OI, Kazuhei KIMURA, BLESS Produced by Dance New Air 

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