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after aftershock shock

2022 / Berliner Ringtheater

Taking earthquakes as its point of departure, after aftershock shock is a multimedia performance that combines dance and spoken language to explore different forms and scales of shaking. Throughout their collaborative process, co-directors Jingyun Li and Saori Hala, and writer So Young H. Kim ask what connection there is between movement and the materiality of different languages. They explored earthquakes in both a literal and a metaphorical sense by mixing live performance with video and sound art.





Choreography, Co-direction: Saori Hala

Co-direction: Jingyun Li

Text: So Young H. Kim Performance: Saori Hala, Asuka Julia Riedl, Susanna Ylikoski

Sound: Kyoka Staging: Kathrin Sohlbach Video: Juli Wycisk Spported by NEUSTART KULTUR und GVL Stipendium, des Bezirkskulturfonds Mitte und Berliner Ringtheater

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