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Da Dad Dada

2017- ongoing / Uferstudios Berlin, Kitasenjyu BuoY, Sogetsu Hall

Da Dad Dada is a self-documented performance themed around absence and based on research about Saori Halaʼs biological father, Ken Hara, who danced in musicals in the 1960s.
The workʼs starting point was a private, melodramatic story: while Hala reunited with her estranged father, a dancer, for the first time in 20 years, they were soon separated again by his death. Its structure then emerged from attempts at creating an interplay with the social history of postwar Japan from the 1960s to present. Throughout Da Dad Dada, Hala
“samples” the “show biz”-style dancing of her father, maintaining a strong awareness across the entire piece of the dual structure of the image.




recreated in 2021

Direction, Choreography, Stage design: Saori Hala
Performance: Saori Hala
Voice: Ken Hara, Saori Hara
Staged objects | Saori Hala, Maria Abe, Rion Onaya, Haruka Suzuki, Yu Suzuki, Koki Toi, Mizuno Nakamura, Hiroto Mochizuki, Yuya Yoshizaki
Supported/Produced by Pola Art Foundation, Dance New Air, Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan,
(Research was supported by HZT-Berlin)

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