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Choreography for Tele-beings

2020-2021 / Goethe Institute (Tokyo, Japan), Online

Hala’s first project since the pandemic, The Choreography for Tele-beings is a radio-based work that stages choreography through audio. Referencing the technology’s use for political purposes across radio media history, she attempts to reexamine the authority of choreography. 
The choreographer (Hala) only uses words during the performance, sharing no visuals of the created movements. As the radio host, she surrenders her power as a choreographer and continues to communicate the dance to invisible listeners; she hopes free interpretations and misunderstandings lead to new moves, or an imaginary unison appears with all the listeners doing the same movements. Hala staged a trial performance at Stillive (Goethe-Institut Tokyo) during her online research residency at The Saison Foundation, and continues to conduct research for the piece.


Direction, Choreography: Saori Hala
Performance: Saori Hala

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