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P wave

2021 / Dance Base Yokohama

"P wave" is themed around perception and recognition and focuses on human social behavior in emergency situations. Born in the city of Tokyo, where a major metropolis meets constant threats of natural disaster, Hala reconsiders the unique aspects of physical education in Japan (evacuation drills, moving in groups, etc) and explores the relationship between society and body emerging in her choreography. *[P wave]: a geological term that refers to the first micro tremors that occur when an earthquake strikes


Video link (English subtitle)



Direction, Choreography: Saori Hala

Performance: Äb0Saori Hala, Mizuno Nakamura, Emi Oyama

Co-researcher: Masato Sasaki

Produced/Supported by Dance Base Yokohama, Dance New Air, Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan

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