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Odd Apples 

*Video installation

2021 / Tokyo Arts and Space (Tokyo, Japan)

"Odd Apples" is a collection of movements generated by an AI that has learned human dances. It was created with the intention of putting dance and technology into 
dialogue with each other. An AI was trained on Hala's movements for 10 days and then asked to quantify its analysis of her minute habits and gestures and to 
reconstruct them. Taking cues from ecological psychology, Hala applied to choreography the analysis of movements within the range recognizable to the human eye but aspired to incorporate more precise analyses that exceed our recognition capacities. She also confronted our bodily expression’s necessary dialogue with technology in the pandemic, facing issues of digital visualization and two-dimensionality. Can a non-human intelligence update the aura of ‘dance’ that has been woven by humans since ancient times?


Video link: 


Direction, Choreography | Saori Hala
Performance | Saori Hala, Maria Abe
AI artist | Yuma Kishi
Supported/produced by Tokyo Arts and Space Selected for installation category Screen Dance Festival cinedans (2022, Netherlands)

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